Night Blossom

Oh, hey there! It seems like it was just a few weeks ago, that I was posting a playlist to celebrate the new year, but alas, here we are, nearly a quarter of the way through 2015! It’s not like there hasn’t been any good music about – quite the opposite to be honest – so I’m gonna admit it’s been out of sheer laziness and selfishness that I haven’t shared any of this amazing music. So with that being said, here’s a bit of a catch up…

My Top Ten Albums of 2014

I normally stray away from talking about albums; music moves so fast these days, that it makes more sense just to talk about tracks individually. With that being said, some of the newer artists on the scene are at the point where they’re releasing albums, so there’s been some real interesting releases this year. I’m just gonna be talking about the albums I’ve enjoyed this year, featuring artists we blog about, none of this FKJ Twigs, whatever’s trending kinda business, so don’t be surprised if we’ve missed out your favourite album or totally overlooked 90% of Pitchfork’s top 100.

10 – Xinobi – 1975

We first blogged Xinobi’s “Supra” back in 2012, and since then, he’s been busy working on his debut, “1975”. I expected to hear a way more organised, house sound, but instead, Xinobi treats us to a slightly more rough and ready menagerie of disco, funk, dub and rock. Not quite album of the year, but a good foundation for greatness.

09 – Mr Oizo – The Church

Quentin Dupieux’s back with another album, complete with his signature sound. Ever since 2005’s “Moustache”, his sound has been copied to death, but nothing ever compares to uncomfortably walking into one of Quentin’s nightmares. He’s clearly opening up his soul for all to see, but to be honest, with exception of some kind of religious metaphor,  I have no idea how to interpret the messages. There’s progress in this album, but it sure is subtle – keep doing what you’re doing, Oizo.

08 – Tensnake – Glow

I honestly didn’t expect to be hearing Nile Rodgers and Stuart Price on this album, but what an awesome surprise! Even if Nile feels slightly under-utilized. Some great funk and soul and probably the best sounding thing Stuart Price’s put his name to in some time.

07 – Aphex Twin – Syro

Over the last decade, the anticipation of a new Aphex Twin album was just about killing the fans, to the point where I think they just about lost their shit when Syro was officially announced. Detailed, textured soundscapes run far and wide on Syro, and when heard in one listen, can really take you to wonderful places. Unfortunately, due to over-hyping, what would’ve been another great notch on the belt for Richard, became somewhat of a mixed bag for reviewers.

06 – Yelle – Complètement Fou

Consistent, is probably the worst adjective I could throw at Yelle; they have a certain magic that can only come from that French touch. Complètement Fou is, however, a little more in the style of forefront French artists like Daft Punk or Justice, than their previous works, but with that Yelle groove and a glazing of contemporary electronic music. We’ll figure out there’s something in the water, one day.

05 – Photay – Photay

Doing the rounds in the Lucky Me family, Photay’s combination of luscious chords and lofi hip hop beats, sound similar to artists we’ve heard before (Aphex, Autechre, Prefuse etc.), but there’s something fresh in the groove.

04 – Chromeo – White Women

This seemed to be Chromeo’s year, on the run up to the album release, they were used extensively on a BBC advertising campaign and I think Urban Outfitters have ordered half their stock of vinyl copies – yup… It seems they’ve made it. They’ve worked really hard to elevate their sound to something timeless, which can appeal to a grander audience, and I mean that with no disdain, they’ve done a fantastic job.

03 – Todd Terje – It’s Album Time

I have a real soft spot for Todd Terje’s music. During my years at uni, my social life and outside influences had taken me away from electronic music and it was hearing “Inspector Norse” that got me back into it. “It’s Album Time” just about sums up my reaction to finding out Todd Terje was releasing an album; it’s beautifully detailed, textured, and the art of the build up certainly isn’t lost on Todd Terje.

02 – Ariel Pink – Pom Pom

I think I said as much as needed to be said about Pom Pom, the other week, so suffice to say it’s no surprise that it’s my number 2 album this year.

01 – Kero Kero Bonito – Intro Bonito

Ahhhh… I dunno, it’s just so much fun, that I just had to make this my album of the year. Now I’m not really sure when this was actually released, iTunes thinks 2014, but I have suspicions that it may’ve been 2013 – but who cares? I just can’t stop listening to it! It’s rare that I find an album that catches my attention from the get-go and keeps it right to the end, but Intro Bonito is perfect Super Nintendo pop.