Mix Tape – Summer Jams Vol.2 [Free Download]

Summer Jams Vol.2 by Calculatedcolour on Mixcloud

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It’s still beaming with sunshine, here in the UK, so people are heading outside, firing up the BBQ and relaxing in the garden, all to avoid the air-con-less hot boxes, that are our homes. So why not flick on a little music, and even better, why not some fresh cooling sounds in my Summer Jams Vol.2 mix tape?


“The year was 1984.  In a windowless warehouse building on the outskirts of Palm Springs, California, an unknown purveyor of grindhouse cinema was beginning principal photography on what would be its last movie ever.

The movie was called VANDROID, a sci-fi action spectacular about a home-made humanoid robot gone awry.”

So from what I’ve found, it seems that Vandroid was an amateur grindhouse movie, intended for release in the 80s, but an unfortunate freak fire accident burnt down their studio and equipment, putting the kibosh on the whole production. However, looking at the cinematography and effects in the trailer, I find that all rather dubious.

Either way, it’s a fantastic way to get Mr Flash, Freadz, Busy P et al, to produce an awesome John Carpenter influenced soundtrack.


The last few weeks, I’ve been listening to this remix a lot, but I really had no idea who they were. I knew of 20syl, but had no idea he was part of a four piece, four time DMC champion turntablist group, called C2C. These guys really understand music, I mean it’s one thing to be able to build a song with turntables, but it takes a whole different skill set to create beautiful electronic music like this.

Here they are completely destroying DMC DJ Team World Championships 2004…

And some bonus Stevie Wonder…

June Mix Tape – Summer Vibes ’14

Summer Vibes - June Mix Tape 2014 by Calculatedcolour on Mixcloud

I spent a while on the artwork for this one, I’ve tried a few times, but I really wanted to nail that 90s compilation style, this time. It’s reflected in the mix, expect 90s soulful vocals, with bouncy piano riffs and James Brown breaks.