October Mix Tape – Back to the Funkture

Back to the Funkture (October Mix Tape 2014) by Calculatedcolour on Mixcloud

As promised, here’s last month’s mix. I was getting a bit lazy about doing the artwork, but in the end I think it turned out well… Shame about the name, though. Anyway, enjoy some nu-disco/deep house/acid house for the next hour.

Playlist – From Jersey To Japan

Original Artwork from '透明感' (PARKGOLF Remix)  by 禁断の多数決

          Original Artwork from ‘透明感’ (PARKGOLF Remix) by 禁断の多数決

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It’s kinda interesting to note that, our first track, Rytmeklubben – Seen (R3ll R3mix), comes courtesy of Annie Mac. I dunno if she’s played this kind of genre on her show before, but it seems to be surfacing more, anyway. So, kicking off with some Jersey beats, meets neon/future beats (or whatever we wanna call it), flying right through to Japan, for a bit of that kawaii sound.

Playlist – Future Beats

Original artwork from 'With You' by Tennyson

                                Original artwork from ‘With You’ by Tennyson

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The vast pool of music at our fingertips can be overwhelming. Just the other day, my friend remarked that with all the great music coming in through his soundcloud feed, he could make a new mix everyday; he’s not wrong. You’d think sieving through all the bad stuff would be a chore, but to be honest, with an open mind, there’s really very little to sieve through. I think I’ve said it before, but, what a time to be alive. Much like the rapid advances we’ve seen in technology, over the last couple of decades, music is evolving/developing at an increasingly fast rate too, and for a music lover, this is just the best thing to happen. Ever. Couldn’t be happier.

So this brings us to tonight’s playlist, a collection of songs that are so evidently the byproduct of the rapid changes in music, that they’ve been given the umbrella term “future beats”. Enjoy a trip through trance/rave-like melodies, hip-hop/trap inspired beats and Japanese kawaii sounds with possible happy hardcore roots (I think “Loud Tokio!” by Neko & Miko, may well be my guilty pleasure of the month).