October Mix Tape – Back to the Funkture

Back to the Funkture (October Mix Tape 2014) by Calculatedcolour on Mixcloud

As promised, here’s last month’s mix. I was getting a bit lazy about doing the artwork, but in the end I think it turned out well… Shame about the name, though. Anyway, enjoy some nu-disco/deep house/acid house for the next hour.

Playlist – From Jersey To Japan

Original Artwork from '透明感' (PARKGOLF Remix)  by 禁断の多数決

          Original Artwork from ‘透明感’ (PARKGOLF Remix) by 禁断の多数決

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It’s kinda interesting to note that, our first track, Rytmeklubben – Seen (R3ll R3mix), comes courtesy of Annie Mac. I dunno if she’s played this kind of genre on her show before, but it seems to be surfacing more, anyway. So, kicking off with some Jersey beats, meets neon/future beats (or whatever we wanna call it), flying right through to Japan, for a bit of that kawaii sound.