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Artwork from PLAzA - Guave

Artwork from PLAzA – Guave

Sorry I’ve been neglecting posts, recently. I’ve been working on a new remix, the last couple of nights and to be honest, I just wanted to do a post today for a break. So expect relaxing grooves…

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Frankie Knuckles

Sadly, at the far too young age of 59, Frankie Knuckles has passed away. His influence on music was far greater than his fame, but if it wasn’t for him and a handful of others like him, in the early days of house, my love for music would be minimalized. Your love, became my love, so for that I want to say “thank you”.

Mix Tape – Alternate Decades: 199X [Free Download]

Boy, are you guys and gals in for a treat. I had the idea of re-creating different decades of music, with modern music and so here’s the first installment. Weirdly, we’re going backwards and starting with the 90s…

[ Free Download ]