August Mix Tape – Vinyl Saturation

Vinyl Saturation (August Mix Tape 2014) by Calculatedcolour on Mixcloud

I know it’s a bit late for an August mix tape, but it’s been a busy month. I really should’ve been doing other things with my time, but the allure of making a mix, just got the better of me. So enjoy some nu disco/vaporwave-ish/deep house…

Playlist – Feel

'The Way She Makes Me Feel' by Louis La Roche

artwork from ‘The Way She Makes Me Feel’, by Louis La Roche

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Just another little playlist for you to sink your lovely white teeth into. Gonna kick off with some synth layered grooves, running through to 90s style deep house and then right back to groove powered 80s feels. Enjoy.

Playlist – Backwards Forwards

artwork from 'Infinite Sunshine' by Body Language

artwork from ‘Infinite Sunshine’ by Body Language

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Playlists are back, and so are we! Back from my holiday in Prague, and as sad as it is to be back to work, it’s good to be home. Had my first release, last month and came home to a copy of the CD; it’s a proud moment when you see your music up for sale on iTunes and Amazon!

It didn’t take me long to get back on my Soundcloud feed and start hitting the “like” button like some music starved junkie. We’re kicking off with some mutated garage beats, moving right through to mid tempo funk, some god damn insane future garage/bass beats from Warsnare and finishing off with slowed down funk and hip hop. Miss nothing.